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Photoautomat for the People: Berlin. Part II

In the streets of Berlin, for tourists and locals alike, the sight of the photo booths from the ‘50s and ‘60s are more than nostalgia. They’re an institution. After a decade since the first refurbished booth was resurrected, they’re as popular as ever

Jason Kenny
The Virtue Of Switching Off

The effect of ever-present notifications and the ability to connect with anything at any time has an effect on all aspects of our life. Constantly checking for notifications gets in the way of being productive or even engaging with people immediately around you.

Jason Kenny
kulturspace – yin and yang and branding

The ebb and flow of collaboration in kulturspace’s dynamic means that not only is there a large skill set to draw from, but the directors and collaborators learn from each other’s perspectives. Cross fertilisation of ideas allows kulturspace’s approach to be more human and organic. The three directors of kulturspace share their views from the garden path. 

Justin Merino