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Graphic Designer.

Anne-Sophie is a graphic designer from France where she graduated from the École Supérieure d’Art et Design in Amiens. Before these studies, she received a DUT diploma in Multimedia and Internet from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Lens, France.

Specialized in print design, but also able to develop concepts for the digital presentation, Anne-Sophie has worked as a freelance graphic designer for a wide range of clients, including private and public organizations. As a matter of principle, her graphic designs are the fruit of an extensive research on the specific subject, taking very seriously the relation between the form and the content. This implicates the tangible sphere as well, which is why the choice of the paper, the binding, etc. is of particular importance in her work. Furthermore, one of Anne-Sophie’s specialities is typography. Also here she finds her visual solutions by taking into account the client’s specific profile as well as the project she is working on. In addition, she is able to create new, original typographies.

I speak: French, English, and German (basics)

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