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US Expat Taxes 101: How to prepare your US Taxes.

Get expert answers to your US tax questions.

Did you know you are allowed an automatic 2-month extension to file your return? you have until june 15, 2017! 


whether you've lived abroad for years or have just arrived, join us for a thorough workshop that will help explain your Foreign Earned Income Credit from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act!

if you have found yourself helplessly googling or asking friends for help and wished there was someone to explain things, we're here to help. we have teamed up with TM to bring you: US Expats Taxes 101: how to prepare your US Taxes.

Do I have to file taxes if I don't live in the us? do I pay double taxes for money I earn in Germany? Can I deduct my expenses?

American tax attorney TM will be on site to get you familiar with the the basics, go over common forms needed and answer your questions.

presented by

Thomas M. Mawn IV

US Attorney, tax advisor & enrolled IRS Agent

The workshop covers:

  • The basics of filing US taxes while living overseas
  • Types of income and taxes owed on them in the US
  • Forms to file and deadlines to meet
  • Credits
  • Deductions
  • Exemptions
  • Special circumstances for Freelancers
  • What to do if you failed to pay in previous years

This workshop does NOT address filing German taxes in Germany, please see our How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin Workshop.

TM is a California certified attorney and enrolled agent with the IRS. He moved to Berlin two and a half years ago, and although he only planned to stay for one year, he fell in love with the city and decided to set up shop. When he is not helping Americans with their U.S. tax and legal issues, TM likes to spend his time exploring the city by bike or singing blues-rock and folk music with his band.


  • Next workshop: 06, may 2016
  • time: 15:00 - 17:30 (including break)
  • workshop is in english
  • complimentary coffee & tea


kulturspace - metzer straße 14 - 10405 berlin
prenzlauer berg-mitte


tm & kulturspace provide general informational services for expats.  we are not able to provide official legal advice and are not liable for the outcome of your tax matters. in case of doubt, we highly recommend retaining a tax lawyer for official legal advice on your individual tax situation. attending the workshop does not constitute a client/customer relationship or representation.  we cannot answer specific tax questions or scenarios, questions about forms and how they work are permitted.