Berlin & Los Angeles

the kulturspace group.

the kulturspace group promotes progress in arts, design and culture

The kulturspace group promotes progress in arts, design and culture through the creative(s) agency, the kulturspace foundation, and the kulturspace academy. At the heart of the kulturspace spirit, our core values of creative independence, collaborative culture, and respect for diversity keep us grounded and focused.

Through the creative(s) agency, we partner with like-minded clients by crafting roadmaps for the next stage of their brand’s evolution. From there, we implement actionable strategies into personalised experiences for their customers.  

the kulturspace foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization founded by kulturspace: the creative(s) agency, extends a helping hand to emerging artists, creatives and cultural institutions, using arts and culture as an avenue for urban and cultural solutions. 


kulturspace academy ﹘ an initiative by the kulturspace foundation ﹘ is dedicated to promoting growth through interactive workshops, collaborative programmes and one-on-one coaching by industry experts.

shaping the future of creativity
the kulturspace group is here to pave the way to a future of creating independently, together. we see a future where we’re able to devote ourselves to our individual creative pursuits, enriching our world with artistic, cultural and innovative visions.