Berlin & Los Angeles

Prepare your Freelance Work Permit/Artist Visa.

Planning to work as a freelancer, self-employed or artist in Berlin
but don’t have a work permit?

This workshop is for all non-EU citizens who need clear and detailed information about the requirements and processes involved with getting a freelance or self-employed work permit.

  • planning to work as freelance or self-employed in berlin but don’t have a work permit?
  • planning to work as a freelance artist in berlin and need your 'artist visa'?

find out everything you need about the requirements and processes involved!

the workshop takes place in two segments, the main first part applies to everyone.  the optional second part of the workshop is just for the self-employed (focused on 4 supplementary forms for the self-employed) or artists (focused on building a portfolio).


workshop outline



  • Introduction
  • Booking Your Appointment Online
  • Checklist of Required Documents
  • Filling out the Application Form
  • Making a Financing Plan
  • Making a Revenue Forecast
  • Getting Letters of Intent
  • Your CV and Qualifications
  • Health Insurance and Pension
  • At the Appointment


for the self-employeD

  • understanding differences in the application process for the self-employed
  • completing a company profile, business plan and business concept
  • completing a capital requirement plan

for the artist visa

  • how to prepare your portfolio
  • how to prepare your artist statement
  • proving your financial situation for artists

take a sneak peek at one of the topics we'll be covering!


presented by

Tia robinson

expat coach & co-founder of expath.de

Tia has totally put my mind at ease regarding all the requirements needed to obtain my German Artist Visa! She had answers to all my questions - and clarified a lot! Huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
— A. Kulik

Justin Merino

creative consultant & founder of kulturspace

Justin wasn’t exaggerating about the need to plan ahead! Your portfolio review saved me a lot of panic and upset in the weeks leading up to my pending interview. I’d absolutely recommend such a workshop to anyone who’s looking to apply for a visa.
— S. Yu


  • Next workshop

  • time: 10:00 - 14:30 (including break)
  • materials: appointment/portfolio binder & resource guide (no additional charge, included in fee)
  • workshop is in english
  • complimentary coffee & tea


kulturspace - metzer straße 14 - 10405 berlin
prenzlauer berg-mitte


expath & kulturspace provide general informational services for expats.  we are not able to provide official legal advice on individual cases and are not liable for the outcome of individual appointments at the ausländerbehörde. in case of doubt, we highly recommend contacting an immigration lawyer for official legal advice on your individual residency situation.