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5 Ways Fashion Film Festivals Bridge the Gap Between Art and Business

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Fashion films typically feature artistic storytelling by independent filmmakers, which makes them an ideal creative medium for brands (fashion and non-fashion) to express their identity and values. This synergy is further amplified through fashion film festivals, which provide the necessary preview platforms to connect filmmakers with their different audience groups of viewers, sponsors and distributors.

While fashion films continue to gain prominence as the new branding medium, fashion film festivals by extension are playing an increasingly vital role in supporting fashion filmmakers and bridging the gap between the artistic and business aspects.  

  • Visibility for Budding Filmmakers

One of the key objectives of fashion film festivals is to build exposure and interest in budding filmmakers and their stories. As observed by The Guardian, “For many small, independent films seeking distribution, a festival screening is the only way to demonstrate to distributors how audiences and critics will receive the film.” Fashion film festivals also provide the ideal avenue for distributors to discover unknown films they can champion, which makes it a win-win all around.

  • Networking and Community-building

Fashion film festivals are instrumental in bringing together people from the different but relevant fields: fashion, filmmaking, film distribution, brands looking for new marketing ideas, creatives, and fashion/film enthusiasts. It’s the perfect setting for networking and community-building, and an effective way to bridge the gap between these diverse groups.

“One important purpose of film festivals in the 21th century is that they are playing a significant role as an alternative distribution channel for non-commercial films. In addition, festivals can offer communal, shared and unique experiences, when the films, their point of views, ideas and people meet.” — Minna Nurmi, Producer, Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival, Finland

  • Creative Brand Association for Festival Sponsors & Partners

By association, festival sponsors and partners will automatically benefit from the creative branding effect that drives the energy behind fashion film festivals. The artistic fusion of fashion and cinematography gives us a broad spectrum of narratives ranging from fun, bizarre, whimsical, colourful, romantic, to mysterious. This makes fashion films incredibly appealing and engaging to viewers.

A brilliant example being Start the Buzz—a dynamic, partially animated, colorful, trendy and charming production set in 1950s style. Imagine having your brand featured alongside a cool production like Start the Buzz. Need we say more?

  • Credibility for Production Houses

Production houses with award-winning films will have added credibility and a stronger portfolio when pitching to potential clients and filmmakers. Film festival awards are as good, if not better than positive user reviews.

  • A Celebration of Artistic and Cultural Progress

Last but not least, fashion film festivals pay homage to the artistic and cultural progress of the filmmakers and fashion producers of our day. By celebrating these creative works of art, we are fostering an open and inclusive approach for more progressive narratives to shape and define our history and culture. Over time, festival sponsors and partners unaffiliated with the fashion or film industry will have greater appreciation of the artistic and cultural value of these productions.

If you’re a fashion filmmaker or production house looking to promote your fashion film, the LA Fashion Film Festival (LAFFF) is currently accepting submissions. Share your story with us!

On the other hand, if you’re a forward-thinking brand looking for cool new ways to boost visibility and appeal, LAFFF is currently on the lookout for strategic partners for our upcoming 2019 sustainability edition.

LA’s consumer-facing connected fashion film festival, LAFFF will provide a rare opportunity for consumers to interact with fashion, film and tech producers while experiencing immersive branding displays and demos.

Drop us a line for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Justin Merino