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Boredom Breeds Creativity

It's a fact creative people have active minds, they are always thinking or doing one thing or another. But there comes a time when there is nothing to do, nothing new to wonder about and the formidable sense of boredom sets in. Now, for creative people, boredom is often scary, they feel boredom makes them unproductive or uncreative. Since people thrive on new ideas and creative self expression, doing anything becomes causes great angst. But there is good news! Boredom can actually be exactly what you need in order to rev up your creative bank, something many psychological experts have concluded. Read on to find out more.

Boredom gives a much needed rest to brain

It can be exhausting to keep running your mind day after day. Even sitting in one place, the mind can be traveling to virtual meetings all over the globe and that is enough to tire a person out. What many do not realise is that the mind functions just like any other muscle in the body. Say you have spent the entire day hiking and your leg muscles are tired, hiking more will not make it possible for you to go the distance. What your leg muscles need is rest to regain energy. It is the same with the mind. When you are bored, your creative mind gets some well deserved rest. This rest is necessary for you to unwind and gather some new perspectives and when new perspectives come in, your creativity peeks. This is why boredom often leads to creative breakthroughs. If you find yourself continually busy and occupied, your mind will not have the chance to think differently.

It's all in the sciene

Boredom is good for creativity.  This has been proven extensively by countless scientific experiments. There have been experiments with various groups where people were given topics to find new ideas on. The two groups were divided into people who have been bored for some time and people who have been on an active spree. The results showed that people who have been bored came up with more creative and unexpected ideas. Hence, if you are bored, take heart. Your creative juices are just getting ready to flow.