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How Can You Increase Your Productivity When Working Freelance?

Rosie Allabarton, Content Manager at CareerFoundry shares her insights on how to increase productivity when freelancing. 

As a freelancer, staying productive can be even more difficult than when you were in an office. With no one checking you’re on target or exceeding expectations, you only have yourself to answer to when goals aren’t reached or clients aren’t won over. As a freelancer, when your productivity drops, so does your business.  And you only have yourself to blame.

It’s not easy though. The sofa is singing out to you. The sunshine is calling your name from the balcony.  And that job that you started at midnight last night looked fine at 2am this morning so why go back over it now when you have a ton of other things to do?

If you’re a freelancer who works largely from home the number of distractions in your personal as well as professional life can be incredibly detrimental to your businesses’ productivity. Have you noticed your apartment has become a helluva lot cleaner since you went freelance

At CareerFoundry we understand how easy it is to get bogged down in anything other than the task in hand, however if you can’t pay your rent it won’t matter that you can see your face in all the nice shiny surfaces. So put the dustpan and brush down and read on.

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