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On the Fence About Online Collaborations? Here’s What Your Business Is Missing Out On


We have the luxury of connecting and collaborating with people from different time zones at a single swipe on our smartphones. Talking to someone on the other side of the globe now costs nothing more than a wifi connection. But are you making the most of this luxury?

Unlimited Access to the Global Freelance Community: Good in Theory, Daunting in Practice

The global freelance community continues to grow at an unprecedented rate (by 2020, 50% of the US workforce will be freelancers). Yet despite all this, finding strategic creative partners to work with can still be a daunting process. We know, because we’re a creative consultancy of international freelancers.

Unlimited access to the world’s freelance community sounds great in theory, but it can also be a time-consuming process of selection and coordination to find the right creative talent for your project.

Time: A Valuable Resource

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from clients (and running our own business), it’s that time is a valuable resource. If there’s a more efficient solution that won’t break the bank and gets the same (or better) results, wouldn’t you be next in line to try it out?

Making Online Collaborations Simple, Efficient and Cost-effective

It’s why we at kulturspace have designed a process that makes online collaborations as simple, efficient and cost-effective as possible. A formal agreement sets out clearly defined deliverables with a user-friendly payment process.

Each project benefits from hands-on project management via Basecamp, a collaborative project management platform where we share ideas, discuss and post daily updates on the project. With a full-time project management team overseeing the project and liaising between creatives and client, you can rest assured that things progress in the right direction.

By working in the cloud using Google Drive and other online tools, we are able to share documents and work on edits with clients collaboratively and seamlessly. If clients require a telephone discussion, we’re always happy to set up a Skype/Google Hangout session or phone call to hash out any issues.

How This Helps Your Business

  • Cost-effective: Our community of freelancers work remotely and independently, which translates into low operating costs for us. This allows us to keep our prices competitive, so your business can benefit from the best of both worlds: international creative talents at sensible prices.

  • Simple: We’ll do all the heavy lifting, from planning, coordination, to project management. All you need to do is share your insights and feedback with us as we go along. This frees up your time to focus on running your business.

  • Fresh: With an international team of professional freelancers working on your project, you’ll have access to fresh perspectives from multicultural creatives. It can be hard to stay objective when you’re close to a project. That’s what we’re here to do. We put ourselves in your audience’s shoes and look at it from their perspective.

  • Innovative: We get better at what we do by collaborating with like-minded creative partners. Open exchange of ideas and knowledge facilitates constant growth of new ideas and discoveries. That’s how innovation happens. By engaging in online collaborations with the right creative partners, your business and brand will evolve in ways you never thought possible.

kulturspace: A Culture of Innovation-led Creativity

We’ve worked hard to create and maintain an open, flexible and fluid work culture that promotes diversity, transparency and creativity. A culture of innovation which attracts synergistic creative minds from around the world to come together to create.

At kulturspace, we believe creativity thrives best when we’re free from the physical and geographical limitations of conventional working. This in turn, ensures quality creative work at competitive prices for our clients.

Our international portfolio of clients can attest to the liberating benefits of partnering with us on their creative projects. If you still have any doubts about what online collaborations can do for your business and brand, talk to us. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

by lindy siu

Lindy Siu