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So what's a kulturspace? A NEW WAY OF DOING.

You came to the site, you perused the diverse services on offer, checked out our previous fantastic work, but you’re itching for more details about exactly what a kulturspace is? No need to cry into your cornflakes - I’m here to help.


First of all, kulturspace isn’t a ‘thing’ - it’s a new way of ‘doing’. More a verb than a noun. Intriguing no? So how does it work?


Who are we? We are a collective (group; team, or my favourite: posse) of freelance creatives and business-y types from around the world - the US, UK, Malaysia, Latin America, all over Europe, and even a hint of antipodean charm from Middle Earth/New Zealand. The benefit of this internationality (made up word - see I can be creative too!)? A heady mixture of inspiration and perspective, a cornucopia (abundant supply) of creative energy. A creative erogenous zone, if you will.

And now I hear you ask “creatives, what exactly are those?”. Creative is a term thrown around a lot, a hot buzz-word which does not necessarily lend itself easily to definition, especially when you want some real talk and real results for your real business requirements. In short: we see creatives as any person engaged in a creative profession or pursuit. Didn’t help? To give you some real examples of our creatives: photographers, graphic designers, branding experts, video guys, copywriters, web designers and developers - they all fall into the ‘creatives’ category because their output is, well, new. Creative. Exciting stuff.


Here’s where the kulturspace concept gets really interesting (and business-relevant). When I said ‘business-y types’ above, it probably sounded a bit wishy-washy. kulturspace’s business strategy and management team is anything but. These are serious business experts using rigorous processes, analysis and strategy to deliver on your business’ requirements. Combining just the right quantities of hard-nosed business savvy, and the right capabilities from our creative smorgasbord, kulturspace’s business team will optimise your creative dollar to produce what you want - results. What use is creative output if it doesn’t do what you want right? It’s not magic, it’s just good business practice*.


Yes, yes, you say, but how do you do this? What makes kulturspace’s approach different? First of all, we understand you are probably on a reasonable budget. So we keep things simple by quoting for the whole project right from the start (and we don’t have high overheads so you know you’re getting the best price). That way you know exactly what your costs will be, and you don’t need to worry about ‘bill-shock’ once you receive your brand work or web design or video. Opportunities to make small changes and tweaks are built into the process so you can be sure you will get what you want at the end. It’s all clear, right from the start. And if somewhere during the project the scope needs to be changed significantly, we will adapt and work with you to find a solution. We also keep things simple for our clients by having one project manager assigned to each project meaning clients only have to deal with one person - this is not only more efficient but greatly reduces the coordination efforts required of our clients. Because we know you’re busy doing other things. It’s all winning for our clients.


But you haven’t even mentioned how kulturspace is new way of ‘doing’ work? I’m glad you brought that up - and it relates to how kulturspace’s approach is different. The nature of work is changing, more and more businesses are purely internet-based, or not bound to the traditional office/9 - 5 concept, and workers are looking for, and increasingly finding, new ways of mixing work and life. Suffice to say kulturspace is not your grandmother’s (or even your mother’s) creative agency. While our business and management department is centralised, our freelancing community is free to live and work wherever they please (it’s a collaborative model with kulturspace supplementing and supporting the freelancer’s existing independent freelance business) - this adds a whole other level of inspiration to the work they do - we see it as a triple win - for our clients, our freelancers, and kulturspace.

So there you have it - what 'kulturspace’ is. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s a whole other take on work, it’s client-focused. Getting away from the brick-and-mortar traditional business model to make high-quality creative work accessible. Don’t be shy - we know our portfolio has some pretty heavy-hitters in it, but we are super approachable. Let’s talk.

P.S. If you are a creative type we’d love to hear from you too - we're always on the look out for creative mavericks to join our team. See ‘Join Us’ on the website.

*Some results may be magical.

by: Holly parker

Justin Merino