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Squarespace | What's With The Buzz?

Prior to jumping in to all the juicy details why Squarespace has been creating so much online and offline buzz, it is important we understand what it is and how it affects your life. Squarespace refers to a drag and drop kind of a website builder which was created to give you, website builder, a highly polished, and rich imagery finishes on your website. Away from the long introduction, this website building platform has generated a lot of hype partly because of the great marketing the company is doing and mostly because of the great advantages you will enjoy once you decide to make the switch.

You must have at one point looked at a website and wondered why haven’t I taken a programming class! Well, forget about that class and anything else related to the complex world of programming that only ‘techies’ understand. Technology, as sophisticated as it is today, has made everything a bit easy for us such that without any programming knowledge, you can now build your own professional website.

Before we get further into the programming and forget about the main reason why we are here, let us look at some of the reasons why Squarespace is generating buzz as a new industry standard and how you can benefit from its many advantages.

Who Can Use Squarespace?

A service gets attention if it can cut across different industries providing equally impressive results. For Squarespace, providing a different experience for businesses, designers, artists, photographers, bloggers, restaurants, musicians, online shops and event companies is a reason enough to make it the centre of attraction in website building. If you are interested in building a website that appears and feels professional without necessarily spending a fortune in the process, choosing Squarespace will do you a lot of good.

Keep in mind that the service can be used by just about anyone. A computer novice with an artistic skill can easily grasp the concepts and create a great website within a short period of time… and that is just how easy it is to use this service.  There is also a talented community of designers, developers and setup experts for hire, which are ‘Squarespace Specialists’ that can lead, build and realise your visions.

Ease Of Use

As stated above Squarespace is everybody’s cup of tea, unless of course you don’t like tea, or cups. Since everything is based on a drag and drop concept, you can add your own unique content and create a website with a difference. There are helpful videos available online to show you how to handle the different web building tools availed by the service.  By the time you are done with your first few minutes, I guarantee you will be in love with the service, the ‘tea’ and the ‘cup’. Squarespace will prove highly useful especially if you cannot write codes or use the complex web builders to save your life.

Template Options

The number of templates a website builder provides is as important as air in the combustion process. Well, Squarespace is not one of those services that provide thousands of boring and almost similar templates. The company has invested in providing a few templates that matter. Many of us prefer having quantity over anything else but what Squarespace has done is giving a new meaning of the classic case where quality is put over quantity. There are around 32 templates which are focused towards industries such as weddings, photography, music, stores, portfolio, business and personal websites. Nothing is mediocre here.

Let us not overlook to mention that all templates come with a mobile ready version, this means that users who are on smart phones, iPads and the like will get to experience your website with a rich mobile friendly site that is made for their devices.

Support Resources

Support resources are like that useful map when you are in new lands. With Squarespace, you do not have to go all Christopher Columbus and discover things on your own, though for me, this is a great adventure. There are services provided by the company to assist you in utilising the tools to their maximum. In addition to what the company has to offer and since a lot of people are using this service, there are community resources such as helpful tutorials and forums where you can grab a bunch of ideas to assist you in the process of creating a professional website.  Of course this is all in addition to Squarespace’s superb online technical chat service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Benefits

SEO and the success of a website is one inseparable pair which is why the topic always crops up when talking about websites and their effectiveness. When it comes to SEO, Squarespace has head and shoulder over their competitors because of the extra perks they offer to make your experience simple and straightforward.

What sets Squarespace apart is that the service allows you to customise the URL/webpage address along with adding page descriptions setup just for SEO purposes. This is contrary to what is offered by drag and drop web builders and this is why your website will be more SEO friendly if you build it with Squarespace. Another benefit is that you will get a site map built automatically. The site map simply tells search engines how to index your site, which is critical in respects to how your site shows on search results such as Google.

The service will provide analytical data which you can utilise in updating your website for purposes of maximising your websites online presence. Just think of the SEO benefits as extra cubes of sugar to make your tea a bit sweeter than the rest.

Is It Worth Your Cash?

Building a professionals website can cost a lot of money but this is not necessarily the case with Squarespace. Building a professional website with a great design has never been this easy and most importantly, this economical. While some developers will grab an absurd amount of change from your wallet in exchange for a website, Squarespace cost’s you a fraction. There are 3 packages; the standard, the unlimited and the business plans which are aimed at providing different tools for different need and all you need to do is choose one that best fits you.

To get more of what the hype and the buzz is all about, it is important that you experience everything first hand and this means building your website using Squarespace. Keep in mind that smart choices come with smart results and beyond all the hype, Squarespace has great results and unending benefits for website builders.

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