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The Importance of Using Photos To Bring Eyes to your Brand

Images draw more attention than words in the content of our websites or blogs. Our brains decipher images simultaneously while language is decoded in a linear process. With that being said, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than they process text.

For instance, say I do one of two things: describe a scene the moment a good deed is taking place or show you that described scene in a photo. The photo will bring you to a faster conclusion than scanning the words of someone's good deed of the day. The emotional response of the image sets in quicker also. Combine that with powerful words and you have compelling content on your products or services that customers and readers alike can be 

Using Images To Reel In The Casual Internet Browser

Around 543,000 small business get started every month (2013). That is a large number of new products and services being born into competition with already established brands. The integrity and product quality of any given business is important but what trumps all is its image and the way its image is drawn out for potential customers. With more and more digital opportunities being available it is imperative to stand out from the crowd.

The old saying "seeing is believing" rings true for many things. In the digital business this adage is priceless. The casual internet browser has hundreds of thousands of sites at his or her fingertips and decides which site to visit almost as quickly as the brain processes an image. Having a high-quality image relevant to your content helps your visitors decide that you are the site they want to consume. If they trust your image enough they feel like they can invest more of their time in your brand by reading your content. You aren't making them read a description of what you and your company is about. You are presenting it to them outright. This helps them build trust in your brand by being considerate of their time. They've already seen what they need to believe. Now, they're going to read about it.

Take these facts about utilizing images into consideration:

  • More important than product specific information by 63%

  • Beat a long description by 54%

  • Overpowers ratings and customer reviews by 53%

In business, it seems, that a picture really is worth 1000 words.

Photo-Heavy Social Media Outlets and Their Use for your Business

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"Whoever controls the media—the images—controls the culture." - Allen Ginsberg

Mr. Ginsberg sure nailed that, didn't he? Our fast-paced, sensory-overload culture has made it easier for businesses and the media to exploit the way in which we process visual information. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have taken that truth and heavily influenced the direction in which businesses go to market themselves. Thus, changing our culture and it's purchasing habits.

These sites are influencing the way businesses conduct themselves. A brand must stay up-to-date with its content while staying current on trends. Image-heavy marketing campaigns are imperative because information is being shared quickly and, as we know, images are a way to spread relevant information about a brand in a concise manner.

Consider this stat: "Pinterest drives sales directly from its website -- of people with Pinterest accounts, 21% have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest." . Here is a platform which is free for individuals and businesses alike--using images as its main source of content. Users pin nearly 5 million pins per day. At that number it can be assumed that users aren't reading descriptions or if they are, the descriptions aren't very long. The power of photos are very apparent given such statistics.

Click for complete Infographic.

Click for complete Infographic.

The Use of Infographics

Infographics are not a new concept. Businesses have been using them long before social media for billboard advertisements, packaging, and maps. What an infographic does is combine our culture's demand for images with the added depth of words for a quick, easy to understand piece of information. This is a powerful tool for social media campaigns and/or press releases.

Now that you've engaged your audience it is important to build brand recognition. An infographic is an opportunity to highlight your products and services in a way that is easily digestible by your market. It is a portable and easy way to embed your brand's notoriety in blogs and social media alike. 

Some other benefits of infographics include:

  • Fun and Engaging

  • Benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Easy to go viral

  • Displays an expert understanding of a subject/brand

An infographic is something a brand should never go without.

Final Thoughts

Business is changing at the speed of light. Every day there is something new to catch the attention of the masses. In order to keep your brand ahead of the curve you must recognize the importance of visuals to capture the attention of our culture. If you do not they will surely look, and find it elsewhere.

Use of relevant visual stimuli and engaging text on your site, blog or social media presences creates the perfect balance needed to draw attention and recognition to your brand.

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Justin Merino, Foudner & Project Director | kulturspace

Justin Merino, Foudner & Project Director | kulturspace

Having a keen interest in the world of "freelancing", Justin was inspired to devise a new concept of working, which would fuse all of his skills as a project developer and manager. In April 2014, he founded kulturspace, a fresh cultural and creative platform, devoted to connecting professionals and institutions from the international scene, offering a wide spectrum of supporting and promotional services in realization of various programmes.

Currently, Justin is the acting Project Director of kulturspace, while maintaining his curatorial and consulting activities.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Justin Raymond Merino presently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 

Justin Merino