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The Secret Lives Of Entrepreneurs: Pushing The Boundaries Of The Work Life Balance

If money never sleeps, then those of us who spend our days chasing the filthy lucre should not expect the work life balance to redress itself any time soon, and the curse of it is, the more successful you are, the less downtime you have.

Some of us, however, are blessed with unusually plentiful reserves of energy, and more often than not these are the kind of people who find themselves climbing towards the top of both the social and work ladders.

When most of us are cursing our alarm clocks and mentally preparing for the daily grind that awaits us; the kid’s breakfast, the commute, the breakfast meeting, others are making their way home after pulling yet another all-nighter, either at the office, dealing with a fresh crisis, or because the twilight hours are the only time they have to pursue their social lives, hobbies, or dreams of escaping the rat race once and for all....

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