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Things to Consider Before Switching from Full-Time to Freelance

Four out of five non-freelancers say they would be willing to do paid freelance work, and 36% of moonlighters say they would like to quit and freelance full-time, according to a new study by The Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, a platform that connects freelancers and employers.

These stats may not be surprising considering the benefits of freelancing, such as a flexible schedule, which 42% of freelancers said was one reason they chose this lifestyle (the second-highest reason after earning more money). Who wouldn’t want to be able to take a mid-day nap if that’s what you need?

But freelancing may not provide a stable income and work may be hard to find — problems experienced by half the freelancers in the study.

If you're a full-timer itching to freelance but held back by financial fears, here are tips to successfully making the leap.

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