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Studio Beuh_lah

Art Director, Designer & Illustrator

Cindy Beuhlah is a French Designer and Illustrator who obtained a Degree in Graphic Design from the ÉSAD Amiens, France. After having spent some time as a guest student at Bauhaus-Universität-Weimar. cindy has an artistic sensibility leading her approach to be as modern as rigorous.

The strong importance she gives to current trends emphasizes her interest for alternative media-spaces and new technologies giving her the ability to work on projects from a combination of unique and unseen perspectives, including publishing, visual-identity, events, web. these views enrich her creative processes through which she can work on projects of varying sizes and infusing her work with new ideas. 

Also fascinated by the human body, face, and the natural world, she seeks to illuminate those fears, impulses and aspirations that are intrinsically human by warping the perspective on innately familiar symbols and themes. she aims to create emotive responses by utilizing ambiguity to juxtapose the physical world with ethereal concepts.

she is open-minded, creative, curious, cultured, passionate, rigorous, autonomous, and proactive.  By way from France Cindy calls Berlin home.


i speak: english and french

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