Berlin & Los Angeles


Lindy Siu

Creative Storytelling & Brand Communications.

hailing from a background of corporate marketing for international brands such as ericsson and bmw, lindy also has a ba in business administration from the university of portsmouth, england, and an msc in international marketing from the university of the west of scotland, scotland. living, studying and working in the uk during her studies gave her malaysian heritage an enlightening cultural infusion, which cultivated her appreciation of progressive and inclusive values.

in 2012, lindy decided to quit the nine to five in favour of self-employment, which led to her exploring a freelance career as a copywriter. since then, lindy has built a diverse international portfolio of clients from different industries and cultures, besides meeting and collaborating with like-minded creative partners from all over the world.

lindy’s approach to copywriting is to use simple words for copy that makes sense. communication is about getting the message across as simply and personally as possible. most of us respond to words we relate to and messages that speak to us. we look for the "why" behind the "what"—the reason to care about the message. that’s what drives lindy in crafting copy that’s personal yet compelling. lindy currently lives in kuala lumpur, malaysia, and travels whenever she can for cultural and creative inspiration.



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