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Natasha Siemaszko

 I speak English, Polish and am mastering German!

I speak English, Polish and am mastering German!

Natasha joins us kulturspace as a recent graduate, with honors, of Interior and Furniture Design at the Academy of Art in Poland.  Her last ongoing project concerns a multi-sensory furniture for kids. She also works as a graphic designer, 3D modeler and visual artist. 

Years of working, traveling and studying has shaped her into an open-minded, positive, social and communicative creative.  She has many of passions, starting from visual design, illustration, advertising, cinematography to furniture design. Her biggest satisfaction is the joy to combine them together, mixing it with positive vibrations and delivering the results to the audience.

Natasha is on a mission to be surrounded by passionate people and to create with no breaks. Berlin happens to be perfect place for this journey.

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