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How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin.

An Expath.de signature workshop, get expert answers to your freelancing questions.

How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin


whether you've learned the hard way how to set yourself up as freelancer or have just arrived, join us for a thorough workshop that will help explain your bürgeramt from your Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften!

if you have found yourself helplessly roaming the corridors of the bürgeramt or finanzamt and wished there was someone to explain things, we're here to help. we have teamed up with the experts at Expath to bring you:    How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin.

Tia, and Miriam were absolutely invaluable. I can’t say that I necessarily look forward to all the paperwork ahead, but it’s certainly a little less intimidating than it was a few hours ago.
— Sandy Yu
Tia, the presenter, I found her inspiring, relevant and interesting. would definitely recommend. 10 of 10!
— Ana Krivokapic


This workshop is perfectly suited for those thinking of going freelance, or if you already have and don’t know exactly what you’re doing or need to freshen up your understanding of the bureaucracy. Maybe you’ve moved to Berlin from outside of Germany, and want to know how the country’s laws affect you. Or perhaps you’re working cash-in-hand and want to “get official”, Or you've asked yourself: do I really need all this insurance?

you've searched the web, asked your fellow berliners and maybe the guy at the local späti for answers, now come hear it from seasoned experts!

Join our workshop to get answers to questions like these:

  • How do I start freelance or self-employed work?  What's the difference?
  • Do I really need German health insurance?  Can I join the public or private system?  
  • Do I have to pay into the social system?  What other insurances do I need to consider?
  • How do I invoice clients?  What about my clients outside Germany?
  • ow does income tax work for freelancers/the self-employed?  What about VAT?

And important info and tips on Scheinselbständigkeit, your company name, marketing & more!

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