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Intensive Weekend German Class. Archive

An Expath.de signature course.

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There are so many language schools in Berlin that it is sometimes hard to know where to start.

What makes our beginner group lessons special?

Our A1.1 courses take place on the last two weekends of april 2017 (22-23 & 29-30) on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm. 

All of our classes are small and therefore have a highly communicative focus with lots of speaking time and all the grammatical and functional phrases you would need to get by in Germany at your level.

I’ve lived in Berlin for a couple years and attended two other German schools before this, but since learning at Expath, German has finally started to make sense to me. This stress-free course has given me the confidence to speak German without breaking into a sweat and wishing the floor would swallow me whole. That’s an amazing feeling.
— Jenna van Uden


all classes are taught exclusively in the target language – german (although of course the teachers can speak english in case you really get stuck).  expath teachers use a communicative and interactive approach, where language elements are presented within communicative contexts, role plays, simulations, games, discussions, brainstorming exercises, etc.  

we don’t believe that language is an abstract concept to be explained and memorized – we want you to play with the language, try new things out, and learn to speak without fear of making mistakes.

at lower levels (a1 and a2) repetition and drills are key in mastering the basics.  at higher, more conversational levels, discussions and creative activities serve to help you apply what you’ve learned in a relevant context.  language elements are introduced, practiced and performed.  expath teachers will give you homework that uses your immersive environment outside of class to practice and apply your new skills.

what kinds of materials are used in class?

our classes focus on your individual interests and current topics, which means that many of the discussions, role plays, practice and simulations take place without a traditional course book.  expath teachers are specially trained to work with ‘realia’, everyday media such as supermarket handouts, menus, the subway timetable, job advertisements, etc.  this is the best way to ensure that what you learn in class is also useful for everyday life.

there are, of course, set grammar and vocabulary elements in our curriculum that go along with level a1, a2, etc. – that means that occasionally the classic material (course book, workbook, grammar book, etc.) may be used in class for specific exercises.   when course books are used in class, they will be provided by expath free of charge.  of course, if you want a book or workbook for self-study you can find the books we use at any large bookstore in berlin.



  • a1.1 intensive course
  • last two weekends of april 2017
  • 150€ per person 
  • 10h-16:30 during the 3 first days
  • 10h-15:00 last day
  • 45 minute lunch & 15 minute breaks
  • coffee and tea are on the house!
  • at the end of the intensive program you will receive a proof of attendance


classes take place at kulturspace: 
metzer straße 14 - 10405 berlin/prenzlauer berg-mitte