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PRESS RELEASE | New Creative Collective kulturspace Eliminates Barriers for International Creative Collaborations

Newly-launched organization is a creative hub and freelancers' cooperative driven by a simple vision: to realise and enhance creative aspirations by eliminating barriers for international creative collaborations.

Berlin, Germany 16, September 2014 - kulturspace Founder & Project Director, Justin Raymond Merino envisions a future where creative individuals and institutions will have unparalleled access to creative support services. Merino notes, “By eliminating the traditional brick-and-mortar setup, kulturspace is our solution to bridging the gap in the market: bringing together a global collective of like-minded creative talents and project owners for synergistic collaborations.”

kulturspace is dedicated to supporting the global creative community with professional services designed to turn creative ideas into reality, while providing a collaborative and engaging work environment. Our philosophy: to approach each project with a fresh perspective, carefully curating creative talents to nurture and realise the vision at hand. Synergy happens when like-minded individuals come together to turn ideas into reality. We share ownership of projects and seek partners, not clients.

There is a burgeoning community of independent creatives in our midst. A recent landmark survey, Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce (published September 2014) reports a staggering 53 million of Americans now freelancing, accounting for 34% of the entire workforce. The economic impact of this liberated workforce is tremendous, contributing $715 billion in annual freelance earnings. Likewise, the Freelancers’ Movement reports a similar observation in the rapid growth of freelancers in the EU and Australia. This growing trend underscores a real need for enhanced support services to empower our global community of freelancers, and heralds an exciting era for the creative economy.  

kulturspace is here to support creative institutions and individuals through two distinct platforms: Creative Bureau and Creatives Support & Institutional Services.

Creative Bureau

The Creative Bureau’s mission is to support, direct and realise creative projects by providing fresh perspectives that enhance, while crafting unique personal experiences that engage with the audience. We are a global collective of creative professionals, experienced in a range of multidisciplinary and focused backgrounds, and we are here to turn projects from ideas into reality. From Branding to Project Management, Web Design to New Media Production, we provide support to clients, freelancers, creatives and project owners. Learn more here.

Creatives Support & Institutional Services

Our range of services include marketing, development, business and support for independent creatives and institutions; and are specifically designed to lead, accompany and guide the creative  community to greater heights. Website design services are also available by our team of Squarespace Certified Designers to turn creative visions to life, on the web. Learn more about our services here.

kulturspace is here to pave the way to a future of creating independently, together. Learn more about us in this video.

kulturspace operates from Betahaus in Berlin, Germany with a US office in Los Angeles, California; but our diverse creative collective spans the globe from vibrant America to exotic South East Asia. With a remote international freelance team of mixed cultures and nationalities, our projects benefit from a wealth of cross-cultural perspectives and added synergy in the creative process. Being independent creatives, each team member also brings on board his/her individual network of contacts and access to resources; effectively allowing us to take our projects further.

Our dynamic portfolio includes international projects with Warner Bros., Porsche, Google and Elle, amongst others. We are currently realising branding and communications projects for innovative startups, while providing a wide array of creative services to freelancers, institutions and the global creative community at large in their individual creative journeys.

Our international network includes: AIGA (the Professional Association for Design), Artists May Vary, Artist Pension Trust, CareerFoundry, EU Freelancers Movement, FOMA tv, Freelancers Union, Independent Curators International, Levi | Kleiner & Associates, LocalYoo and the LAB - Berlin.

About Founder

Justin Raymond Merino served as Operations and Artist Relations Director for the New York-based Artist Pension Trust (APT) and played an integral role in developing the concept, branding and marketing strategies for the newly-founded non-profit APT Institute during his tenure there as Director General.  A native of Los Angeles, California, Justin presently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.  Complete bio.

About kulturspace

kulturspace (KS) is an innovative hub supporting the success and productivity of creatives and institutions internationally. We are dedicated to the implementation of cultural activities and formative projects by offering a wide range of supporting and developmental services, catering to creatives, freelancers, artists, institutions and other novel project developers.  We are a global network, a hive of freelancers, that come together to transform ideas into reality under the auspices of the KS Creative Bureau, offering a collaborative and engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. Together, we are thinkers and doers that bring ideas to life based on a deep-rooted dedication to supporting the creative community at large.  KS extends internationally to welcome clients, projects and freelancers to its creative hub. Learn more.

For more information about kulturspace, or to arrange an interview, contact:

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