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PRESS RELEASE | LocalYoo & kulturspace: Partnering to Craft Personal Travel Experiences in Berlin

LocalYoo and kulturspace have recently teamed up to craft personal travel experiences for travelers during their stay in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany 13 November 2014 - LocalYoo strives to create real connections between tourists and local people around the world. We live in highly interactive times, thanks to social media and mobile apps becoming an integral part of life. From Uber to TaskRabbit to Kickstarter, we are witnessing a whole new way of working and living. A community-driven lifestyle geared towards meaningful personal relationships and experiences.

Catered to the new breed of community-centric travelers, LocalYoo’s personalised services by qualified local experts include recommendations of favourite local hotspots and hidden sights off the beaten track, customised guided tours, itinerary planning and personal tips on blending in with the local community.

LocalYoo and kulturspace are innovative organisations driven by a common mission: to enhance your quality of life by crafting unique personal experiences that connect you with like-minded individuals. LocalYoo first launched their services in Tel Aviv, but recently expanded into Berlin, with further plans to enter other high profile cities in Europe and US. kulturspace, being in the forefront of the global creative scene, is ideally positioned to recruit passionate local creatives and cultural enthusiasts to drive momentum of LocalYoo’s Berlin operations.

Whether you are a seasoned foodie, artist, avid photographer, tour guide or multilingual beer-loving Berliner, join the LocalYoo Marketplace of Experts to monetise your knowledge and skills while building new friendships and enriching your own cultural awareness.

LocalYoo Co-Founder & CTO, Oded Nevo sees immense potential for the company’s services in Berlin and views this strategic alliance with kulturspace as a valuable marketing platform. Firstly, to enable travelers to appreciate the fascinating wonders of Berlin from a local perspective, and secondly, to promote cross-cultural awareness and appreciation amongst the global travel community.

kulturspace is a creative hub and freelancers' cooperative driven by a simple vision: to realise and enhance creative aspirations by eliminating barriers for international creative collaborations. According to kulturspace Founder & Project Director, Justin Raymond Merino, “This synergistic partnership sees kulturspace leveraging off its influence amongst the local community of independent creatives and freelancers to promote visibility and growth of LocalYoo’s services in Berlin.”

Join the thriving LocalYoo community of local experts and travelers today. Share your expertise with curious adventurers. Experience travel through the eyes of locals while forming genuine connections with kindred spirits. Let’s keep it real.

About LocalYoo

LocalYoo is an online marketplace connecting tourists with local experts. LocalYoo enables travelers to book tips, itineraries and experiences from a variety of qualified locals. LocalYoo strives to create real connections between tourists and local people around the world. LocalYoo’s offerings are currently only available in Tel Aviv and Berlin, but are expected to spread to more cities in Europe and US later on in the year.

About kulturspace

kulturspace (KS) is an innovative hub supporting the success and productivity of creatives and institutions internationally. We are dedicated to the implementation of formative projects by offering a wide range of supporting and developmental services, catering to creatives, freelancers, artists, institutions and other novel project developers.  We are a global network, a hive of freelancers, that come together to transform ideas into reality under the auspices of the KS Creative Bureau, offering a collaborative and engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. Learn more.

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