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kulturspace appoints per zennström as new creative director.

kulturspace is pleased to announce the appointment of per zennström as their new creative director. zennström’s experience as a multi-disciplinary artist and storyteller in stockholm, paris, berlin and new york compliments kulturspace’s network of international creatives.

the freelance network of collaborators based in berlin and new york is made up of over 10 nationalities with various creative mediums. the group redefines the approach to creative work in various projects with a vision to make high quality creative work accessible to all.

per zennström made his name primarily with his photographic work on both sides of the atlantic. over the last two decades, swedish-born zennström has worked with some of the biggest worldwide brands including dior, guy laroche, nina ricci, absolute vodka, porsche and bentley.

justin raymond merino, founder & managing director of kulturspace, noted:

"this is an energizing time for all of us at kulturspace, and we are positive that per zennström will guide the agency to achieve greatness. the kulturspace community, its clients and freelancers, as well as the creative world at large will benefit greatly from his expertise, global background, and devotion to bolster imaginative work around the globe."

beyond his work as a fashion photographer, zennström has extensive skills delivering digital storytelling solutions. zennström has redefined the limits of visual storytelling as a founder of thelab-berlin as a filmmaker, online publisher and digital marketer. his multidisciplinary work continued as publisher and creative director of pop culture magazine 11horses and contributing editor to mg magazine and cool shaker.

on his new role as kulturspace creative director, per zennstrom commented:

“with an international team of mixed cultures and nationalities, kulturspace projects benefit from a wealth of cross-cultural perspectives. i am delighted to be a part of shaping the future creative direction and look forward to collaborating with the community.”

with zennström on board, kulturspace’s next focus expanding their projects in breadth and focus.

about kulturspace: the creative(s) agency.

as a collective of designers, storytellers, branding mavericks, strategists, and visionaries. as one of the fastest growing international agencies, we craft brand identities and meaningful social interactions for inventive startups, evolving companies and individuals.  we’re eradicating traditional brick-and-mortar overheads leveraging our global hive of freelancers to deliver unparalleled results within competitive timeframes and budgets. we are: the creative(s) agency.

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Justin Merino