Berlin & Los Angeles

Berlin Kinos.

A Photographic Tour of Berlin’s Cinemas—Past and Present.


Berlin kinos: a photobook project



We had the pleasure of collaborating with thirty talented photography students from Fotoskolan STHLM—Sweden’s most prominent photography school, in producing this photographic tour of Berlin’s cinemas.



The goal was simple: to capture varied perspectives of these cinemas by focusing the lens on commonly overlooked details of the architecture, interior design and props.

Besides classic shots of the cinema marquee, plush seats and screen, we wanted to document any peculiarities unique to that specific cinema, such as retro screening equipment, cultural elements of décor, or cool, geeky projection rooms with the latest tech.

We connected the students to the 40+ kinos scattered throughout Berlin and left them to their creative devices.  



Over a two-week period, the thirty students hit the streets of Berlin in teams of two, documenting their tour of the city’s historical and modern cinemas through their creatively trained lenses.

The result was a stunning archive of vivid, picturesque and at times, poignant photos of a total of 25 cinemas. If you fancy going on a digital photographic tour of Berlin’s kinos, we welcome you to immerse yourself in the image gallery below.