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8 Ways to Add Value as a Creative Professional

Establishing your creative brand/identity starts with answering a simple question: how do you add value? It might seem like an oversimplification, but that’s exactly the point. As a creative professional, how do you make life easier for your clients and collaborative partners?

At kulturspace, we believe in putting ourselves in the client’s shoes and being accountable for our work. Here are a few simple ways we add value on a daily basis:  

#1 Know the audience

Don’t just do what the client asks; go above and beyond by creating work that speaks to the audience and makes a difference. Personalization is key.

#2 Be helpful

Whether it’s sharing professional observations or being proactive in suggesting solutions, there are a million little ways to be helpful in our daily work.

#3 Get into the details

The more detailed you are, the fewer mistakes there will be down the line. That’s the beauty of being thorough and organised.

#4 Take pride in the work

We take great pride in delivering quality work; it’s our brand image on the line, after all. Delivering great work ensures customer satisfaction and hopefully a long-term relationship, which is a win-win for all parties.

#5 Be collaborative

Adopting a collaborative approach often results in far better project outcomes for all involved. Constructive criticism should be welcomed and applied where relevant, all the while maintaining one’s individual creative judgement.

#6 Show up

Being reliable and responsive is the least one can do for the client. There’s no excuse for not answering emails or text messages in our age of connectivity.

#7 Enjoy what you do

This might sound obvious, but there is a direct correlation between our passion and enthusiasm for a project with the quality of our work.

#8 Be authentic

We can’t always afford to be selective of the work we take on, but the more it resonates with us on a personal level, the more authentic our creative interpretations will be.

There are so many ways to add value in our work. They don’t have to be grand gestures either; sometimes the tiny actions make the biggest difference.


Defining your creative identity is the first step towards shaping your professional brand. To find out more about our branding and CV writing + design services for freelancers and creative businesses, drop us a line for a free evaluation.