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Duvel SUYT Miami Winner

Duvel-SUYT Art Glass Design Competition: Miami Winner

A kulturspace production, this special collaboration between Duvel USA and ShowUsYourType invites graphic designers and artists worldwide to submit designs depicting the name of a selected city using easily identifiable local iconography and graphic elements. The winning designs will be featured on Duvel’s iconic tulip glass as well as a series of promotional premium items such as posters, t-shirts, and coasters.

The third series of this competition ran from March 15 to April 15, bringing us colourful depictions of Miami's vibrant culture, laid-back vibes, and its fascinating Art Deco architectural heritage. After careful deliberation and review, Duvel USA has selected Yai Salinas’ Art Deco inspired design that beautifully captures Magic City’s flamboyant energy while highlighting the symbolic palm trees characteristic of the city’s sun-kissed beaches.   


The Winning Design: An Icon of Bold & Vivid Symmetry

“The team found this Art Deco design to be the best representation of what Miami is internationally recognized for as a city, while perfectly capturing the local iconography.” - Stuart Knight, Director of Import Marketing, Duvel USA

The Design Inspiration

A loyal fan of ShowUsYourType, Yai Salinas credits her design inspiration to Miami’s stunning architectural legacy and morphology, particularly its bold colours, shapes and lines that reflect the city’s energetic culture so well.


About the Designer

Graphic designer, typographer, and teacher, Yai Salinas is deeply passionate about geometry and typography. She is drawn to connecting the two graphic elements in her work, often finding inspiration in everyday experiences and surroundings. A graduate from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) in Buenos Aires, she believes that all things created with love and effort are good for the soul and mind. @yaisalinas


Paying It Forward

In addition to receiving a pack of Duvel promotional premium items featuring her design, Yai Salinas also gets to direct a $500 donation to a Miami charity of her choice, made in her name via the kulturspace Foundation.

She has chosen to benefit CubaOne: a foundation that offers Cuban Americans the opportunity to give back to Cuba, build relationships with the Cuban people, and explore their heritage through high-impact trips to the island. She finds their work in helping Cuban Americans develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage, while integrating them with the native Cubans, a meaningful cause worthy of her support.  

Thank You and Well Done to All

A hearty congratulations to Yai Salinas on her strikingly decorative portrayal of Miami, and a huge thank you to all the designers and artists who shared their colourful illustrations of Magic City with us. It was fascinating to experience Miami through your skillful depictions. Keep inspiring us with your work; it matters.

A Collaboration of Synergy

Duvel is far more than just a passion for beer. It is a real passion for good taste. Renowned as a strong Belgian golden ale, brewed in Belgium and exported to more than forty countries, Duvel has always had a special affinity for contemporary art, design, and architecture. This is clearly evident from their active collaboration with international artists for the Duvel Collection, as well as the different art initiatives they support.

ShowUsYourType — a project that combines typography, travel, and cities — started as a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective. It has since grown into an international community with a devoted audience of over 67,000 followers on Instagram.

Driven by its collaborative and organic DNA, kulturspace spearheads and produces cultural and creative projects under three divisions: the Agency, the Space, and the Foundation. The Agency is an LA & Berlin-based creative think tank + design and production collective; The Space (coming soon in LA) will offer inspiring cultural content and experiences to engage the public on retail and creative concepts; and The kulturspace Foundation – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation – uses arts and culture to foster social progress.

The Duvel-SUYT Art Glass Series runs until MAY 15, 2019. Join us!   

Justin Merino