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Duvel Art Glass Series with Show Us Your Type

Join us for a special SUYT design edition in celebration and collaboration with Duvel USA, a strong Belgian golden ale, brewed in Belgium and exported to more than forty countries.


Duvel Art Glass Series
with Show Us Your Type

A kulturspace production, this special collaboration between Duvel USA and ShowUsYourType invited graphic designers and artists worldwide to submit designs depicting the name of a selected city using easily identifiable local iconography and graphic elements. For the past 6 months the American tour started in New York city, with a roadtrip to Chicago, a jump down to Miami and with a final stop on the West Coast: Los angeles. The winning designs will be featured on Duvel’s iconic tulip glass as well as a series of promotional premium items such as posters, t-shirts, and coasters.

a huge thank you to all the designers and artists who’ve joined us on this thrilling adventure that’s taken us to New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. It was fascinating to experience those cities through your unique perspectives. Keep inspiring us with your work; it matters.

the brief

Design a poster with the words of the city in any way you wish. It's optional to include the D from Duvel's logo or create your own variation of the D.

the winning designs

Giving back

The winning design will be featured on Duvel’s iconic tulip glass used in establishments throughout the world. The winning designer will also receive a pack of Promotional Premium Items featuring their design, on top of a $500 donation to a local charity of the designer’s choice, made in his or her name via The kulturspace foundation.


The Posters

Los angeles

new york designs

Chicago designs

miami designs