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Alex Holz

Creative Strategist | Disruptive Thinker

Alex Holz challenges businesses to think differently about how business works and to approach innovation-driven growth with creative strategies. With the unique ability to know when to shelve old ideas for a different perspective, Alex approaches problem-solving with clarity and focus. Helping businesses innovate with creative strategies that disrupt conventional systems: that’s what he does best.

Passionate about helping businesses embrace forward-thinking change in building a sustainable and progressive future for all, Alex has successfully initiated and spearheaded process redesign and product innovation projects at AOK International Service. As one of the largest health insurance providers in Germany, AOK looks after over 25 million people—almost one third of the population in Germany. Alex’s proactive efforts in aligning the brand with a more contemporary and dynamic image have enhanced accessibility and visibility of the company’s services for the expat and startup community in Berlin, expanding the company’s reach to a previously untapped market.

As a thought leader at kulturspace, Alex has secured major sponsors and in-kind partnerships for projects such as the LA Fashion Film Festival, the Berlin Student Film Festival, and Show Us Your Type Berlin, which were instrumental to the success of those events. His creative problem-solving skills also enables him to help foreign artists in Berlin access the social support system, earning him the reputation of “Alex: the go-to guy for help with social insurance matters in Berlin”.

Alex builds bridges between the corporate and startup worlds, adapting his professional toolset to introduce disruptive change for tomorrow’s growth. While he thrives in environments that challenge his disruptive thinking and problem-solving skills, he’s mostly driven by the opportunity to make meaningful change happen, particularly in support of a future that’s sustainable, cruelty-free and inclusive.

Holz graduated from Hochschule Harz with a BA in Tourism Management in 2010 and is a fluent speaker of English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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I speak: English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

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