Berlin & Los Angeles


Holger Homann

Editor & Creative Director.

A plentiful list of high-profile art & media projects on his resume; Holger was a crucial innovator in the development of concepts such as FinArts.de, the publishing direction of highly acclaimed projects like UPON PAPER (powered by Hahnemühle fine art), the legendary Berlin fashion and art magazine QVEST and the Getaway Council powered by KUONI.  Holger is Editor & Creative Director of Radical Vertical, which creates and curates inspiring content along with immersive experiences to bridge audiences into the fascinating world of fashion. 

He was handpicked consulting brand and communications strategist for diverse enterprises such as Impossible Project , Smart by DAIMLER and Swiss Post. With an impressive track record in the industry; always going from strength to strength - Holger is enthralled to continue to inspiring, producing and creating high-caliber content as a result of his persistent love affair with film, fashion, arts & media.

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