Berlin & Los Angeles

Creative Services Assistant


we're looking for a SAVVY Creative Services Assistant (LA & BERLIN)

the Creative Services assistant will be responsible for working directly with the founders, clients and creative team to guide and manage creative projects from inception to completion.  this also includes assisting the founders with general tasks, social media, presentation building, and other administrative tasks (yah, the boring stuff too!)

A successful Creative Services assistant must have superior project management skills, work well in deadline oriented environments, have strong organisational and problem solving skills, must have very good attention to detail and must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

A strong knowledge of design, agency culture, fashion and production processes is desirable. 

The skills that are required consist of the following:

  • english (other languages are a plus!)
  • good knowledge of adobe photoshop and the like
  • social media know how
  • Motivational and Excellent communication skills 
  • Having the ability to prioritise tasks as well as multitasking 
  • have a good understanding of Business processes 
  • Being organised 
  • Taking on tasks independently 
  • Working well in a team 
  • Having a keen eye for detail and an understanding of budgets restraints 
  • confidence in themselves
  • Having the ability to use digital platforms to create processes with technology 
  • Be able to work under pressure without showing the workload

+ position would work for the following group of companies under kulturspace:

+ position is on a freelance/independent contractor basis

+ position is remote

+ bi-weekly in-person meetings in berlin (la would be based on set schecule)


If you are interested in joining our network or learning more get in touch: