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we unite the talents of designers, storytellers, branding mavericks and innovative strategists from around the world. it’s a global approach to creative solutions.

we’re always on the lookout for talented freelance professionals. 


We believe great things can only be achieved by working in a free environment, with maximum autonomy and room for initiative. That’s what KS is about. We forego conventional hierarchies in favour of a collaborative approach. One which allows us to learn, exchange ideas and create with like-minded professionals, all while growing our respective freelance businesses independently.

Independent Collaborations for the Best of Both Worlds

Please note that we do not employ staff, rather, we collaborate with freelance professionals on a project basis. We find that this gives everyone the best of both worlds - we get to work on projects that interest and inspire us, while leveraging off the community’s international network to enhance our professional portfolios.  

Diversity of Talents and Cultures

Our diverse community is made up of multi-talented, multicultural professionals with proven experience and success in their particular fields. We welcome resourceful and dynamic individuals who enjoy collaborating with others, and can face professional challenges with determination and a sense of humour. 

KS is an invite-only group, and we are keen to maintain a high standard of consultants fully committed to our business model, vision and mission. Our consultants have either been referred by an existing member, or invited to join based on their credentials. 

We strive to keep the organisation as fluid and self-manageable as possible. However, we occasionally explore informal collaborations and partnerships with skilled professionals when there are opportunities for co-branding or business co-ops.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from our international community:

  • Collective marketing
  • Enhanced business and entrepreneurial growth
  • Increased visibility and opportunities
  • Access to international projects and referrals
  • Develop a shared client database
  • Access expert knowledge and external resources    

Share our vision for independent collaborations? We look forward to hearing from you.

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