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US Expat Taxes 101: How to prepare your US Taxes


Get expert answers to your US tax questions. Reserve your spot now: http://www.kulturspace.com/us-expat-taxes-101-how-to-prepare-your-us-taxes/

Did you know you are allowed an 🌟automatic🌟 2-month extension to file your return? You have until June 15, 2018 and don't need to apply for an extension! Learn more about this and other tips.

Whether you've lived abroad for years or have just arrived, join us for a thorough workshop that will help explain your foreign earned income credit from the foreign account tax compliance act!

The workshop covers:
+the basics of filing us taxes while living overseas
+types of income and taxes owed on them in the us
+forms to file and deadlines to meet
+special circumstances for freelancers
+what to do if you failed to pay in previous years

Do I have to file taxes if I don't live in the us? Do I pay double taxes for money I earn in germany? Can I deduct my expenses?

American tax attorney TM will be on site to get you familiar with the the basics, go over common forms needed and answer your questions.

If you have found yourself helplessly Googling or asking friends for help and wished there was someone to explain things, we're here to help. We have teamed up with TM to bring you: US Expat Taxes 101: How to prepare your US Taxes.

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