Berlin & Los Angeles

Web Designer Freelance Opportunities


Our global operations is looking for talented freelance web design experts!

Detail 1

we have an established portfolio, process and system in place. client interaction will be at a minimum, we coordiante the brief and media needed for the site.

Detail 2

html, css and web design best practices are a must. so we're calling on all squarespace specialists (and those interested) or design houses to join our network in building websites.


Detail 3

we strictly use the squarespace platform and squarespace training can be provided to designers interested in joining our network.

Detail 4

all client interaction (sales, invoicing, follow up, etc.) is coordinated by the kulturspace berlin head office. in addition we manage the lead generation, online marketing, contracts, payments etc. letting you focus on design and build out.

If you are interested in joining our network or learning more get in touch: