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Freelancing – A First Step To Entrepreneurship Or A Career In Itself?

Is freelancing just a stepping stone to bigger and better things? Or should wannabe entrepreneurs instead see the value in what the freelance lifestyle has to offer?


Freelancing provides the crucial experience you need to become an entrepreneur

It’s Friday afternoon at the office and with one eye glued to the clock and the other glued to the door the day feels like it’s never going to end.  That desk job that had promised so much at the start has left you dreading Monday mornings and counting how many brain cells you have left as they shrivel up and die from lack of use.


Daydreams of running your own small business begin to surface during long, dull meetings, but there’s something holding you back from making that leap, and it’s not just Sandra in Accounts and your morning flirtation over the coffee machine. That something is experience. And that lack of experience is what feeds a lack of confidence which could keep you chained to your desk job forever.

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