Berlin & Los Angeles

Our mission is simple

to develop a strategic creative partnership to craft your brand identity. 


kulturspace unites the talents of designers, storytellers, branding mavericks and innovative strategists from around the world. It’s a global approach to creative solutions. Between us we speak 11 languages. Our experience is international. Our approach is collaborative. We understand the importance of cross-cultural perspective in the organic development of ideas. 

Tell us about your project. We look forward to collaborating with you.


With an international team of mixed cultures and nationalities, our projects benefit from a wealth of cross-cultural perspectives. Being independent creatives, each team member also brings on board his/her individual network of contacts and access to resources, effectively allowing us to take our projects further.



Our collaborators

we collaborate with freelance professionals on a project basis. We find that this gives everyone the best of both worlds - we get to work on projects that interest and inspire us, while leveraging off the community’s international network to enhance our professional portfolios. join us.